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Walt Disney World is an ensemble of many of the most famous Disney parks. Based in Orlando (Florida) it is by far the largest complex of its kind in the world covering an area of more than 46 square miles (a little bigger than the city of Paris). Walt Disney World opened in 1971 and was the second Disney Park to open, the first being in California in 1955.

Originally designed to amuse and entertain the residents of the Eastern United States, Walt Disney World has continually grown over the years and now includes four different theme parks: the Magic Kingdom Park (the classic), Disney Hollywood Park, Disney Animal Kingdom and the Epcot Center. What's more, you will find two aquariums, hotels of all shapes and sizes, golf courses and many businesses. Over the years, the number of annual visitors has continued to increase making Orlando one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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Magic Kingdom Park

Mickey Mouse - disney world. The best known of the four parks, the Magic Kingdom was built on the basis of the original Disney Park in California, only much revised and expanded. The park was constructed slightly elevated (about 5m) for the construction of a series of underground tunnels that allows staff to move around the park out of sight of visitors. Magic Kingdom hosts about fifty attractions, divided into five areas (which will remind you of Disneyland Paris)

  • Main Street: The first area that you discover upon entering the park draws its inspiration from the cities in the Southern United States from the last century.
  • Fantasyland: An area truly dedicated to children, this is a realm filled to bursting with fantasy and magic, with attractions dedicated to Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Snow White and King Arthur. Fantasyland is in constant expansion and renovation, and from 2013 will be bringing new and existing attractions for visitors to discover.
  • Frontierland: Bring to life the magic of the Wild West, with its saloons, its cowboys and Indians, and even the opportunity for you to participate in the gold rush!
  • Freedom Square: This site is inspired by the old colonial cities of the United States in 1700.
  • Adventureland: A sight to behold this is a land devoted to adventurers in the most beautiful and exotic places ever created by Disney. Here you will find yourself amongst Indiana Jones, Tarzan, Jack Straw and the Pirates of the Caribbean and many more.
  • Tomorrowland: A future-facing area full of unimaginable discovery and dreamlike reality.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Opened in 1998, this zoological park is dedicated to animals and all things nature. Animal Kingdom is actually the fusion of a zoo and an amusement park. Inside, you will see more than 250 species / 1,700 animals thriving in their natural environment, no cages here. Divided into several areas where you can find real animals, including a few you believed extinct. The main sections of the park are:

  • Discovery Island: The center of the park, a zoo connecting all the different areas of the resort
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Camp Minnie-Mickey: A summer camp where you can meet various Disney characters and watch performances inspired by your favourite Disney films, including the renowned Lion King.
  • DinoLand: A gigantic world devoted dinosaurs and reptiles.
  • Rafiki's Planet Watch
  • Oasis park

Disney's Hollywood Studios

hollywood studios - disney world.

This is a park dedicated to the golden age of Hollywood and its glamorous studios in the 30's and 40's. You will find reproductions of special effects, breathtaking landscapes, parades, shows all dedicated to the world of cinema.

The symbol of the park is the hat Mickey sorcerer's apprentice wore in the film Fantasia.

Epcot Center

epcot center - disney world. The Epcot Center is the complex's largest park after the Magic Kingdom. Dedicated to technological innovation and the various cultures of the world, its symbol is the big ball of the Spaceship Earth.

The name "Epcot" is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow: or a model of a hypothetical community of the future imagined by Walt Disney. The basic idea of Walt Disney was to build a center of a real city, where there would be offices and shops, with schools and recreational areas around, while the outer edges are occupied by their residential areas. The people would move with monorails and trains, while traffic and parking occupy the basement, thereby reducing accidents and pollution. After the death of Walt Disney, the original project was deemed too "ambitious" and Epcot has been transformed into a theme park with rides and futuristic shows.

Tickets & Hotels

Disney's Ultimate Ticket logo. Disney World offers visitors various types of tickets and their prices vary depending on choice of residence, type of park, period, age, etc.

There are regular special offers and promotions so be sure to check our offers for promotions to be sure not to miss anything!

Ticket Offers

Package Deals

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With 6 Disney parks and so many things to do, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is the one holiday destination where you will find something for everyone in your family to enjoy – giving you fun and quality time together.

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Package Deals

How to Get There

Walt Disney World is located south of the city of Orlando in central Florida.

  • By Aeroplane: The Miami and Orlando airports are connected to the parks via the Disney shuttle. Orlando is the closest, just 35 miles from Walt Disney World.
  • By Car: The park is located about 3 hours from Miami and 2 hours from Cape Canaveral.

Some Holiday Tips

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Here are some tips for those planning a visit to Walt Disney World in Florida:

  • If you plan to spend several days in the park, the best choice is to stay at one of the many hotels in the complex, each offers its own unique environment, services and special offers.
  • The Florida climate is tropical with great weather throughout the year. During the low season, from December to February, temperatures are quite pleasant and allow a visit in good conditions. So don't worry about your availability, you can visit throughout the year.
  • If you prefer not to organise and stay in complete autonomy, several tour operators offer packages including flights, accommodation and entrance fees to parks, and if you choose these can be all inclusive.
  • The Orlando area is known for its concentration of theme parks. If you have the time, in addition to Walt Disney World, try to visit SeaWorld, the Universal Studios, or even the center (NASA Kennedy Space Center and Hall of Fame).

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