Disneyland Paris Hotels

Disneyland Hotel

WDW Value ResortsIf you're looking for deluxe Disney right at the entrance to the 2 parks, and you want to enjoy you time at Disneyland's flagship hotel in a world of luxury, then stay at the Disneyland® Hotel, it's Disney at its most magical.

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Hotel New York

WDW Value ResortsExperience NY in all its Art Deco glory of the 1930s, just a few minutes walking from the parks, this four star hotel lets you taste the big apple.

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Newport Bay Club

WDW Value ResortsAll the charm of the New England seaside in the 1800s, enjoy a truly spellbinding experience with views of the Lake Disney's waterfront.

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Sequoia Lodge

WDW Value ResortsIf you like the great outdoors and the atmosphere of evenings spent huddled around a fireplace, you'll be happy staying in one of our forest lodges surrounded by trees.

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Hotel Cheyenne

WDW Value ResortsYee Haw cowboy, stay here to taste the flavours of the Wild West, and meet the smiling local folk with a mission to make your stay as memorable as can be.

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Hotel Santa Fe

WDW Value ResortsAn oasis of comfort along Route 66 where the thrills and spills of Cars at the shady tree lined streets of New Mexico are never far away.

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Davy Crockett Ranch

WDW Value ResortsThe gold rush is upon us, are you feeling the fever?? Stay in your private wood cabin to continue your magical day.

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Since March 2011, Disneyland Paris has decided to no longer communicate the hotel's minimum rates. However, here at Magically Yours, we know that the price of your stay is a determining factor in the preparation of your visit, and we want to help you estimate every detail of your trip. To do this, we have decided to provide you with actual rates for three types of families for each of the seven Disney hotels.

These rates are provided as information only, and although we updated them regularly, they may be changes.

You can find them here

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