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Le Carrousel de Lancelot : The Test

Meet at Fantasyland to find one of the most famous rides, the carrousel.  And not just any carrousel, but the carrousel of Lancelot "Le Carrousel de Lancelot", with horses, woods and Knights in shinning armor!

Just some facts :  the attraction has 86 horses and has a diameter of 16,6 meters.  The traditional side is quite surprising due to it being at Disneyland Paris®. However, once situated, you feel like you have made the right choice and the music is from the great Disney classics like Aladdin, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast.

Ideal for traveling back to your childhood!

Our Opinion


   We like...    We don't like...

- The horses of all sizes for visitors of all ages
- Beautiful workmanship
on the horses which makes you want to ride them.

- Nothing amazing
- Popular, therefore long queues


Notre Notation

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Kid Friendly  Clé DisneyClé DisneyClé DisneyClé DisneyClé Disney
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