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Crush's Coaster : The Test

Relive Nemo's adventure on the back of his turtle friend Crush, and experience the waves of Austrailia!

You embark on the back of Crush on one of our favorite attractions.  This attraction is a little different from the others:  it's a roller coaster similar to the Temple of Peril with beautiful underwater decorations, but it's not like a train like Space Mountain or Rock'n'Roller Coaster.

Here, each wagon leaves seperately, and little surprises appear throughout the ride: a new sensation gaurantied!  Even Indian Jones can have its discomforts but with this ride we could only feel pure enjoyment, and if time permitted we would have probably returned a couple more times.  The ride is for the whole family and you will enjoy this ride without a doubt!  


Our Opinion


   We like...    We don't like...

- Not uncomfortable
- Rotating Wagon (Shell)
- The amazing and amusing universe from the film

- Very Long Lines


Our Ranking

Comfort  Clé DisneyClé DisneyClé DisneyClé Disney
Kid Friendly  Clé DisneyClé DisneyClé Disney
Queue Clé DisneyClé Disney
Interesting Clé DisneyClé DisneyClé DisneyClé DisneyClé Disney


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