Copie de Snow White's Scary Adventures

Welcome to the universe of the most well-known Disney movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

Dive into their mine and experience the movie from the inside. You will get driven to an atmosphere sometimes creepy and dark, where the evil step-mother's traps are never far away. You will really get won over by the atmosphere, being totaly immersed, and even adults who think it's not really for them will get startled by moments.

This attraction isn't only for the small children, far from it. Most of them will be really happy to have an adult to protect them during the journey!

However, bad news: the attraction will br closed at the end of the year at Walt Disney World Florida. However, it will still be open in Anaheim, California.

Our Opinion

What we like

  • A totaly absorbing atmosphere
  • An attraction you can enjoy alone as well as with your family
  • No big queues
  • A real Disney meanie!

What we don't like

  • Some scenes can frighten the children (and maybe even the adults)

Our Ratings


Child friendly:



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